Bigcommerce offers really nice e-commerce store management features (including product management, order fulfilment, online payments, coupons, analytics, etc.), good-looking designs, and countless customization features.

However, will Bigcommerce best website builder be the right solution for you and your business specifically? Or maybe there are better alternatives? Let’s find out! Here’s our review:

Here, I discuss the ins and outs of using Bigcommerce, review the pros and cons, and give you a quick how-to on the most important features. I also talk about the pricing and compare Bigcommerce to competing e-commerce platforms.

Bigcommerce review: in a nutshell

Bigcommerce is an all-in-one hosted e-commerce solution.

What this means in plain English is that in order to use Bigcommerce, the only thing you need to do is sign up through (free trial), and you will be able to start building and customizing your e-commerce store right away.

Bigcommerce is meant to take care of your products and orders most of all. So while it does offer content management features as well (blog posts, pages, and so on), it’s not its main selling point.

Setting the functionality aside, Bigcommerce also takes care of the things going on under the hood. For example, it hosts your online store and handles its security. The servers at Bigcommerce employ hacker deterrent security provisioning and hardware firewalls. Basically, top of the line stuff.

More than that, Bigcommerce stores are also able to withstand even sudden spikes in traffic, in case a product of yours goes viral one day.

Also, the checkout is done via SSL, which makes it ultra secure and takes good care of your customers’ vital information.

Who’s Bigcommerce best suited for?

Just like the headline on their website suggests, Bigcommerce is best suited for someone who’s growing fast and wants to operate at scale.

The platform offers really good e-commerce features in terms of handling your orders, products, customers (there’s a built-in CRM), marketing tools, and analytics. Everything is truly optimized to hold hundreds or thousands of products in the database and make your everyday work with the platform as hassle-free as possible.

That being said, for someone who’s just starting out, and who just wants to sell their first 1-10 products, there are better alternatives out there.

For example, we talked about two of them recently:

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Of course, before you make your decision, you also need to think for the future and estimate how much you can possibly grow in a year’s time. For example, even if you just have 5 products to sell today, in a year your store might grow much bigger (both in terms of products and orders being processed). In that case, you should still consider Bigcommerce. It’s a great platform to grow alongside your business.