Create a Website with HTML5

Create a Website with HTML5

Have you ever learned something new only to find out later that you were 3 versions behind and needed to start over?

This little tutorial won't do that to you!!

You're going to learn the latest version of HTML. You're also going to get acquainted with some of the previously experimental techniques of CSS that are now cross browser friendly. ( all but one)

You'll also be creating a website that is mobile ready. That means it can be viewed on a desk top using a resolution of 1920X1024 and also be viewed on a cell phone with no loss in performance.

This little tutorial uses a very simple technique to teach you how to create websites with HTML5.

As a child you learned to speak by hearing other people talk and mimicking what you heard. The more you heard the faster you learned.

This web site was designed for people with no knowledge of web design or any technical skills and most complete it in an hour or less.

We do recommend that you run through it several times!!

Creating websites in HTML

You will learn how to make web pages just by seeing HTML5 code and CSS (cascading style sheets).

You'll see it, copy and paste it and then see what it does. The more you see it the faster you will learn.

Even if you think that your computer expertise is limited to turning on your machine, you can benefit from the information contained in these web pages.

This tutorial will not confuse the learning process by giving you a lot of technical information about why HTML code does what it does.

You won't see technical words like syntax.

It will give you just enough information to help you get started.


You won't just learn to use HTML code and format web pages with style sheets.

You'll also learn basic things like:
how to use a simple text editor
how to copy and paste code
how to create folders
how to store files and images that make up your website
how to preview web pages with a browser.

You will learn how to create a website The Right Way!

That means, you'll be creating Liquid or Fluid Web Pages, and you'll learn what that means along the way.

There are a lot of tutorials on the internet that teach you how to build websites. Use them and you'll most likely be rebuilding your website to keep up with the times.


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